What we do

At THE RED SHELF, our tasteful, new jewellery, designer and premium branded clothing, and books  keep you coming back to discover what newly consigned surprises we have to offer. Our welcoming shops and  helpful faces are always on hand to point out new arrivals and to find items within your budget. Our donation and consignment policies are straightforward. We’re here to help you shop, sell, or donate!

Our Vibe

Since 2016, THE RED SHELF has specialized in re-selling high-quality consigned merchandise at attractive prices. We're into sustainable, slow fashion.  We want peace and we love people. We take pleasure in offering top name brands at a highly reduced price in a safe shopping environment. Our selection of clothing, jewellery, accessories and books  represents some of our best values.

Spread the love

 Since 2016, we’ve served a dual purpose: to help those in need of showcasing their new creations, selling  gently used items, and to provide great finds for those looking to buy them at bargain prices.  The merchandise we carry offers shoppers endless opportunities to find tasteful, functional, and affordable items. Check out why THE RED SHELF is a leading second-hand shop in Namibia. Visit us today!


We're doing a lot of cool stuff and we're honoured to have been covered by the media in the press, TV and radio. Join us for our wine nights and amazing sales. If you’re looking for an intimate space to host your upcoming talk or to introduce your services, we have a knack for offering a vibe.  For more information on what's happening, and to plan your next event, connect with us.